Our Mission


Hello! My name is Talia Bryant, the founder of  365 Christian Apparel. Our team is on a mission to share purpose, hope, and love to a lost world. Here is my story...

God gave me an idea in 2010 to create a Christian clothing line, however I became busy with life, work, being a mom, and a wife. I thought,… “I will do that later”… “When I have time”… In 2016 God reminded me of the idea/vision He had given me years earlier and said… “YOU need to GO NOW!” So here I am, stepping out on FAITH…and into PURPOSE… “The Best Is Yet Come!”

Our Team is motivated by purpose! 365 Christian Apparel is solely a faith move! We can’t see the entire vision however, I believe if we move, He will meet us along the way!

“Faith without works is dead!”- James 2:26